Friday, July 11, 2008

On Your Knees Bitch!

The chef is begging for his own wiener... that's just sick!

Side Note: That's one large wiener!  That's what she said!

Lesson Learned: If you have to beg for a wiener, the chef is doing his job... if you know what we mean!

... He makes a great hot dog you sick bastards!... Your parents would be disappointed with your dirty thoughts!

The Truth Revealed...


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Step One... Get Up!

An up and comer to the sloth slalom in this years D-Bag olympics was out training.

Side Note: The training will commence as soon as he gets up...

Lesson Learned: This event is scheduled to be postponed.

A New Gang In The U.S.

Oh crap... Rogues Gallery motorcycle gang from Finland is in the U.S.!  Look out Hells Angels...

Side Note: You really can't get much dorkier than this... a Finnish person trying to look cool on a BMW motorcycle...

Lesson Learned: The Finns actually have a motorcycle gang... and if they all look like this, we think everything is going to be fine.

Super Student My Ass

Apparently this "Super Student" has never heard of the word redundant.

Side Note: Redundant is today's word of the day.

Lesson Learned: The Word of The Day is Redundant.  Meaning: An unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas... just like with a stupid bumper sticker!  Did we mention, redundant is the word of the day?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SUV Drags His Sack...

We're not sure which is worse: "Junk in the trunk" or "Sack out the back?"

Side Note: It never tore open... that's all you can really hope for!

Lesson Learned: It's not littering if you don't let it go...

Sexy Or Sick... Take Your Pick!

All the sexy traits are there.  One leg up on the wall, leaning back without a care in the world, showing a little lot of stomach.  There's just something missing... or is it something extra?

Side Note: That's one farmer's tan that would make your parents proud.

Lesson Learned: If you're going to talk on the phone looking like that... take it inside, no one wants to see that!

Custom Made Ugly!

Who would ever want a custom made metallic elf's shoe?

Side Note: Well... there might be one person who would...

Lesson Learned: These would be perfect for the World's Laziest Statue!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Does anyone else think this is a little much?

Side Note: The next step is to get red tires... and don't think they wont... they went this far!

Lesson Learned: Just because it's the same color doesn't mean it works together.

Sexy Pants

The white shirt & shoe combo with a cornucopia of color in between is astounding!

Side Note: These crazy pants should go with all that white, right?  Cause white does contain every color!

Lesson Learned: Neapolitan colors are for ice cream.

Gangsta Rida

The Low... is a little higher...

Side Note:  I guess you have to be a little high to drive this thing... cause the hydraulics are on when it's driving down the damn freeway!

Lesson Learned: Statistics say the safest place to be in a drive-by is the target... That's because you can't aim with all the damn bouncing!  Turn off the hydraulics and maybe you could hit something!

Monday, July 7, 2008

What Good Is This?

We've been thinking about this for a while... why the hell would you ever want these on a truck!?

Side Note: You already have break lights & blinkers...  and the propeller doesn't really help either.  God help him if he's doing this for looks.

Lesson Learned: Cars and boats are an ugly mix... so are construction signs and bumpers!

Nasty Ass Rat Tail!

So let's get this straight... the barber said, "So there's this little disgusting patch of hair on the back of your head... and you want to keep it?" Then this guy replied with confidence, "Yeah! It looks good!"

Side Note: It looks like a small animal burrowed into the back of this guy's head!

Lesson Learned: The barber knows best... especially in places you can't see!

No Pants, No Problem!

Look mom... no pants!

Side Note: That's kind of a wide stance for a pant-less person.

Lesson Learned: Always make a check list before leaving home: shoes... check -- shirt... check -- pants...? Need to get some of those!