Monday, July 21, 2008

What's Child Services' Number Again?!

Now we have seen some stupid ish on the freeway before... like F**k Nut McFarlin... but this guy tops the charts!

Side Note: While this guy was driving, he let his two unbuckled kids fight in the back window... great parenting skills!

Lesson Learned: Wonder if Child Protective Services has a drive-thru?... cause even Britney isn't this bad!

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on! Before there were seatbelt laws and child seats, we used to love to lay on the deck in the back window when Mom drove to the grocery store! Yes, we were even in a fender bender one time and I thought it was a blast to bounce off of the back of the front seat!!

Seriously, many many old people have survived many many years without dying before they enforced seat belt laws!